Principals Message


Principal’s Message

WELCOME to Orchard Ranch Elementary School!

Orchard Ranch Elementary School is committed to providing all students with the most advanced technological and hands-on learning experiences to push the boundaries of academic excellence. Orchard Ranch’s teachers and support staff work strategically, intensively and tirelessly to develop new and interesting ways to engage a student’s imagination, critical thinking skills, and logical reasoning.

Our hardworking staff is dedicated to seeing their students succeed by supporting and caring for each student and their families. Students are constantly challenged to grow academically as teachers continually bring 21st-century content to students in new and dynamic ways. Students are able to interact with technology every day as lessons are delivered using Computerized Interactive Whiteboards and students use computers to complete assignments and projects as well as explore grade level curriculum in dynamic and exciting ways.

Orchard Ranch is the student-focused hub of our community, bringing family-friendly events and gatherings to the families invested in our school culture. Our hard-working students and their caring and dedicated teachers are what makes Orchard Ranch stand out among the rest. Nothing makes me more proud than serving as the principal to our energetic and diligent Broncos!

Have a great year!

Josh Joseph, Principal